An eternity can’t change us

Lives deeply intertwined,
For years we have remained,
Growing together
Supporting each other.

We have changed,
With each year that has passed,
Our situations changed,
The people we surround ourselves with have changed.

Looking back,
Found memories fill my mind with who we were,
The closeness our lives shared,
The plans and promises we made,

We’ve built lives outside of each other,
Suddenly we don’t have the time to spend together,
It saddens me but I still believe we are the lucky ones.

Yes we’ve lost friends along the way,
Yes we miss each other more as time passes,
Even years without seeing or speaking 

But when we get together,
When we finally find the time
In the busy lives we’ve created
Full with new souls in our inner circles

It’s like we were never separated
Like we saw each other only yesterday,
Like we spoke an hour ago,
And that is a special connection.

To know that,
Regardless of circumstance,
Regardless of distance
You have a shoulder to lean on.

No matter the time
Day or night,
No matter the emotional state
The person on the other end of the line will be there.

Many people die
Without knowing that feeling,
Having that security
But we do and that is a blessing.

I pray that we find our happy endings,
That the new realms we are living in
Come with good souls teaching us the lessons we need,
But if they cause harm us one thing is certain.

I am here,
You are here,
We are here,
And an eternity can’t change that.


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