Lebo – a sun to be celebrated

Luminous, Radiant, Individual, Powerful, Words used to describe the sun But all true reflections of your being, Fearless you shine bright through the darkness of the world, Infecting all who are privileged to have gazed on your wonder. You bring beauty through a powerful creative force, Always inspiring with a gift that few possess and … Continue reading Lebo – a sun to be celebrated


State of Adjustment II

The level of intensity in which you experience the world can be a problem, These levels can run high within you, And they are as much a part of you as the flesh on your bones, The blood that runs through your veins. Your heart, Your head, Your emotions, And your needs, Intertwine, Like corrupt … Continue reading State of Adjustment II

State of Adjustment

I am no easy person, Behind the facade of an accommodating smile Is a difficult situation, A situation not seen by many. Unpredictable and wild, This freak storm that is my emotions Sends no warning of an appending outburst, But suddenly appears bringing my world into disarray Along with anyone in its path, But calming … Continue reading State of Adjustment