Seeking more

I begin
by trailing the halls of memory
Of my heart and soul,
My body and mind

Seeking the right words to describe
The affect you have on my universe.
You change the design of my being that brings balance,
You have become bitter sweet for my emotions.

I find myself yearning to be in the midst of your presence,
But I am cautious of the repercussions
My desire for your touch
And my dream of your love will bring.

I see the potential of our poetry,
I imagine the confidence in your voice
As you begin to articulate
The narrative of our love story.

This connection
Must be treated with care
It must be taken slow
Because I don’t want to miss a thing

By jumping into a situation
That overwhelms
And forces us to run in the opposite directions.
Instead let us build a solid foundation,

That gives us the tools
To withstand
The storms the world conjures
To tear this love apart.

I want to love
Your eyes glistening in the sunlight
As you stare deep inside me
Needing to know more.

I want you to love
The feel of my arms
Holding you wrapped around you so tender,
Needful of the warmth I only get from your body.

For these reasons I will not have this be a fleeting love
But a life long love story
Strong enough to last through the ages
Like the greats told from generation to generation.

I believe in it,
I have dreamed about it,
I will fight for it
Because we deserve it. 


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