My Words

When I write something, I give it structure, I place the words were I think they fit the best, But the most important thing for me is I write what I feel. I know that each piece I write could be taken apart and analyzed, And yes there would be grammatical errors, Yes not everything … Continue reading My Words


Your Own Happiness

Do we search for the time when happiness fills our lives? Do we search for someone to fill our lives with happiness? Happiness is something, I think, that we all want out of life, Something we strive to have and we go about getting it in different ways. Some try to find it through a … Continue reading Your Own Happiness

Always Amazing, Always Powerful

Creativity is a topic that I talk about often, but to me it is something that is ever present in my life, Emotion is the driving force behind the creation of beautiful & powerful pieces. Songs, poems, monologues, paintings, dances, anything done to provoke an emotion by an artist, whether intentional or not, Requires a … Continue reading Always Amazing, Always Powerful