To say the word Goodbye  Is not easy  And all it does  Is leave a foul  Taste in your mouth  Like bile Lingering unpleasantly,  Because  It means something is lost That is never a good emotion To experience. Whether  The separation  Was gradual without tension Or it was sudden With furious emotion  Doesn’t matter It … Continue reading Goodbye


​Seasonal souls with lifetime lessons

What happened? When did things change? How did something so beautiful,  Turn in to something so ugly So quickly? When did a journey of friendship  Become a matter of disrespect Mistrust and anger? Why did this  Come to a place  That is unhealthy for all involved? Because more than one  Relationship will be  Affected by … Continue reading ​Seasonal souls with lifetime lessons

​Creative collision of lust

What do you do When someone  Walks into your life,  Unexpectedly  And turns everything  Completely upside-down? Suddenly the things You thought were important Aren’t anymore,  The way you saw the world Has changed,  And you realise that  Gravity is not what  Is holding you down But it is this being,  Your creative equal. The medium  … Continue reading ​Creative collision of lust