Surprise!! I write with an eloquence Reserved for poetic hearts. Surprise!! I sing in a soulful register That will have you believing I am the real Etta James. Surprise!! I dance with to a rhythmic beat As natural as your beating heart. Surprise!! I create the sunset With the delicate, intentional strokes of my brush. … Continue reading Surprise!!!


An emotional rollercoaster

I know That sometimes It takes hard work to deal with me, I know That sometimes I can be Irrational, erratic All over the show And these bursts Happen when we least expect it. This emotional rollercoaster Is a burden But that's who I am I just feel everything so deeply And I sometimes hurt … Continue reading An emotional rollercoaster

​Our love in black and white

We are new age lovers With old school magic,  Like the golden days of Hollywood  Our love is captured in black and white. You are my Audrey Hepburn,  I am your William Holden This chemistry is timeless, Everlasting reciprocity. Irrefutably my equal  You better me in every way  And to say otherwise Would be an … Continue reading ​Our love in black and white