The Strength of a Woman

Women hold a power and a strength not easily matched, They have the ability to overcome any obstacle placed in their path, They are able to take years of being silenced, Years of emotional, physical, and mental abuse, Years of being pushed to the side, But with one moment they can silence anyone who opposes … Continue reading The Strength of a Woman


A Different Way Part 2

...Leaving your nipple I gently moved to the middle of your chest kissing your sweet tasting skin, With every inch that I touched I felt your tender heart beat between my lips getting faster with every sweet kiss from my lips, Every now and again I lingered on a kiss, Letting the tip of my … Continue reading A Different Way Part 2


There are different ways to bring your partner pleasure,
There are more interesting ways to arrive at that point of ecstasy,
If you have the right tool the result could be explosive,
So here is a way you can use those tools to the fullest;
You lay on your back looking straight into my eyes,
Nothing but light of a few candles flickering in the background bouncing of them,
The sight of my eyes and the touch of my skin sent tiny tremor’s through your body as you waited for my next move in anticipation, Around your earlobe is where I started, those cute earlobes that brought me such pleasure,
Around and around I went circling them, before lightly lifting it up into my mouth,
And with a sweet tenderness I gently bit it, as I did your chest lifted high,
Filling up with air in pleasure,
This reaction didn’t…

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