​I have found strength

The battles faced,  The strength given,  The victories won,  My life appreciated. I have been  Through disaster  Holding onto the destruction  Left behind  Because there is comfort  Of what has become  A situation  Of my norm. On my hands and knees  Amongst the rubble  Crying out why  Have I not suffered enough? How many more … Continue reading ​I have found strength


​Doubt not my love

Do you lay awake In the dead of night, Watching me While I snore lightly besides you And wonder why? Why it is I am here? Why it is my soul seems so content? Why it is I love you? Do you wonder,  When you wake up in the morning Will I be here,  Right … Continue reading ​Doubt not my love

​Walking on fragments of rock

Carefully jumping  From rock to rock Avoiding the dark thick Oil like substance.  Unable to rest  On one rock for too long I feel uneasy, Unstable. Yearning  For a life where I can see a path,  Clear and solid Instead  I have been given This colossal dark ocean  Ready and waiting to envelop me, Hold … Continue reading ​Walking on fragments of rock