Let me enter the gates of your heaven 

​ Let me take your waist With both hands  Pulling you close  Pressing up against you,  Do you feel  The excitement Of my manhood  Needing to enter the gates of your heaven I thrust  Back and forth,  Up and down,  This situation will  Only create  Moist lust between us The way it was designed too. … Continue reading Let me enter the gates of your heaven 


In a simple moment

The touch of your skin  Pops under the palm of my hand,  Like the sweet from my childhood  Covered in sherbet popping in my mouth. Magical,  Whimsical,  Simple That’s what I feel right now. Peacefully  Your head  Nestling closer to my chest Just because you feel safe there,  I wonder  What thoughts are running through  … Continue reading In a simple moment