This lifetime and the next

Your smile has captivated me for lifetimes, Forming part of my moon and stars, Bringing exuberant life to my soul And takes me to a world outside of my reality. Your smile is the reflection Of a profuse love Kept only for me Behind a door for which I have the only key. Your eyes … Continue reading This lifetime and the next



I have grown From the boy I was To the man I am And I am proud. I am proud That I have overcome The encumbrance of my hardships And I stand here today. These hardships Have taught me the limitless stretches of my strength, This strength that has been embedded within the inner most … Continue reading Growth


Tonight, Through the lace curtains The light of the full moon and bright stars Shine with an unusual luminescence.   Brighter than I've ever known either to be, So bright, This magical light That shapes the contours of our form.   So bright That I see the slight pulsing Of your resting, content heart beating … Continue reading Tonight