​So long old friend

  Right before my eyes  I watch  Powerless As we wither away. Like the affect  Constant rainfall has  On mighty rocks, I watch as we disintegrate. I wilt  At this sight, My thoughts from a dark place Where I see everything in this life as transient Flood my entire being. The darkness is smug  Because … Continue reading ​So long old friend


My dizzy daydream

You have me in a dizzy daydream. The first thought I have, Before I open my eyes, Is of your silk body pressed up against mine. You have me fixed On this thought of you, Unsure if this sensation will subside, Give me peace to make it through my day But as I continue, Realization … Continue reading My dizzy daydream

You ran off with my heart and I want it back

I find myself staring At the memory of you Tears rolling down my face Overwhelmed by the reality You are no longer, My first real Unfeigned love Meant to be my greatest. Sent to restore The scratches And the cracks Of a mishandled heart, Instead you Gently took it in the palm of your hand, … Continue reading You ran off with my heart and I want it back