Comfort zone abolished

My comfort zone was perfectly intact, No vision of the outside world Completely hidden from my sight All I knew was the little I experienced But in my mind, What I had experienced Was much, Little did I know. You turned off the lights Only to light one candle, The glow dimly flickered In the … Continue reading Comfort zone abolished


Illusions of my forlorn state

Look at the pride that surrounds my exterior, Marvel at the confidence in my step, Hear the depth of my words, Words with profound depth. Turmoil is what you will never see On my face, This face that never exposes The dark hidden within. Therefore do not be fooled by the illusion Projected by an … Continue reading Illusions of my forlorn state

Courageously accept your change

Change is uncomfortable, And it is unsettling To the deepest parts of you being Powerful like a storm coursing through you Its aim remains Unchanging. Leaving you with no choice As you undergo your forced transformation. Opening floodgates From your soul, Allowing unstable emotions To gush from the depths.                 Acceptance Of change, Any change is … Continue reading Courageously accept your change

Growth is like happiness, it is not dependent on another

In life people grow at different speeds, Some find themselves at the end of their lives Wondering why they stopped at a certain point And why they lost the will to continue. Then there are those, Who continuously seek new ways to grow In most aspects of their lives, But they lack the courage to … Continue reading Growth is like happiness, it is not dependent on another