The Difference Between Knowing Your Worth & Embracing It

Material possessions will not sustain me, Coming in second place will not satisfy me, An unconcerned heart will not stimulate me. "You are worth more than you realize" These are words that have been said to me repeatedly, They have been spoken by people, People who have cared for me, Loved me, Been concerned about … Continue reading The Difference Between Knowing Your Worth & Embracing It


A Brave Heart

A fragile heart beating rapid and frantic, With worry, With torment, With confusion, You stand alone in a barren waste land, Your problems knocking at the door, Darkness follows your every step, A black hole threatening to swallow you whole, You plunge, Down this bottomless pit, An end growing seemingly closer, Jagged, rocky edges come … Continue reading A Brave Heart

You & Me: Flows Like Lava

The source of energy we used to sustain this event of dynamic and epic proportions was pure heat, Heat supplying us with the driving force we needed to keep it going, I felt the power of you, The power that caused this irresistible, overwhelming, alluring force, With intensity that pushed us together like colliding tectonics … Continue reading You & Me: Flows Like Lava