Struggle within

A broken spirit
Aloof from both reality and fantasy,
Disconnected fragmentary,
Wilfully seeking a state of equilibrium.

This balance which has become necessary
To sustain some sense of a healthy reality,
Is continuously thrown into a deranged state,
Forcing the hope of a normal beginning to shy away.

Polar forces
Not making it easier
A frustrated mind pulling away
From an eager heart.

Your mind struggles
With the seemingly naïve view of your heart,
The unmotivated stabbing hurt caused by the twisted delusion of a misguided logic,
Unable to accept this has begun to cause a detached attitude.

When the heart merely wishes to feel wanted,
And tries only to avoid the disappointment life brings.

An ongoing struggle
Between these forces
Makes life difficult
When your broken spirit needs to repair.

But this world
Is a cold place
Filled with evil that seeks to weaken
And destroy the joy you wish to obtain.

Evil that wants only
To keep hope and strength
From healing the battered you
Desperately attempting to mend the wounds while you lay on the floor,

This evil
Does not die easily,
You may never be rid of it
So only one option remains.

Stay strong
Because tomorrow will bring
A brighter sun
All you have to do to is hold on,

Hold on to see your happiness come,
Hold on to see your victory,
Hold on for the day you stand on your feet,
Because some will fail but you must remember the strength you have,

Hold your hope close,
Remain true to yourself,
Let the light of your faith guide you,
And you will win every battle that comes your way.


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