I have put my happiness ahead of your feelings

Masks have been developed To hide what lay underneath In order to obtain an approval I will never get, Masks to portray an image That has never been my own But served to better the image You wanted the world to see, Unworthy And inadequate, Are feelings I have felt at many times, Resentment and … Continue reading I have put my happiness ahead of your feelings


Lonely heart let go

Let go, Let go of the hope Of that beautiful love You desire but will never have With the soul you crave. Let go of the day dreams That seem so real You recall them as memory. Because happiness cannot be yours When you are not The object of affection, Sadness is what this dream … Continue reading Lonely heart let go

An untitled love story

As I turned around An instantaneous connection was made, High voltage electricity coursing through my soul, And there you were brightening the room like the sun, Raw power, Pure beauty, Unmissable presence, Untarnished humility As if divinely blessed With the radiance of heaven itself Placed on this earth, A vessel containing the Lords love for … Continue reading An untitled love story

A warm reflection of a blessed road

The day I entered this world From the vessel chosen To be a guide, A supportive rock and a teacher, I entered without fear, Without experience, Without the cruelties of the world, Without the beauties of the world, Pure, And innocent, I begin to absorb the knowledge Of this material world. While I transform from … Continue reading A warm reflection of a blessed road