A poet’s broken heart 

You embody  The essence   And my definition  Of allurement. Your eyes, Your lips, Your smile  Even the smell of your skin  Is the temptress  My body Dare not deny. From the moment  You captivated my senses You held me tight Taking me  To the climax  Of your ecstasy  And mine. I felt free I felt … Continue reading A poet’s broken heart 


​Just thinking leads to feeling 

To love, To feel  The way it was expressed  By the voices blessed with the gift Of showing the world what love sounds like In those songs of old  Is so rare. There was a simplistic intensity  In the words they sung And a honest vulnerability  In how they felt it. I lay in bed  … Continue reading ​Just thinking leads to feeling 

​Our love in black and white

We are new age lovers With old school magic,  Like the golden days of Hollywood  Our love is captured in black and white. You are my Audrey Hepburn,  I am your William Holden This chemistry is timeless, Everlasting reciprocity. Irrefutably my equal  You better me in every way  And to say otherwise Would be an … Continue reading ​Our love in black and white

​Do not ask for me

I heard through the grapevine  That you’re around,  Available  And asking about me. My first response  Are the thoughts  Of when you held me tight  Whispering the things I wanted to hear. I think about  My hand In between your thighs  Hearing your gasps of pleasure,  The way  Your breathing intensifies  In anticipation  As I … Continue reading ​Do not ask for me

​Creative collision of lust

What do you do When someone  Walks into your life,  Unexpectedly  And turns everything  Completely upside-down? Suddenly the things You thought were important Aren’t anymore,  The way you saw the world Has changed,  And you realise that  Gravity is not what  Is holding you down But it is this being,  Your creative equal. The medium  … Continue reading ​Creative collision of lust