​I wish

I look up  To see the red sky  Just as the day transitions  From dusk to night. The first of the evening stars Begin to appear And I use this as my opportunity  To cast my wish out into the cosmos. I wish  Our paths had never crossed,  For that short time  I wish you … Continue reading ​I wish


​My flame

In the morning  I wake  To be ignited  By a new sun. This sun bringing me  New flames Deep within  My spirit,  I find myself  Inspired,  Energized  Ready to concur. This is me,  At my core Until darkness  Set its eye on my flame. Constantly hounding,  Constantly plotting,  Constantly deceiving  And constantly tearing. Tearing through  … Continue reading ​My flame


​ Almost  Must be one of the saddest  Words known to any soul,  Because it is signifies something lost,  Something tasted  But never fully Given the opportunity to be Savoured. It is the hard work Without  The pleasure  Of reward. If ‘almost’ Has left your lips  It is usually coupled  With regret or disappointment.  To … Continue reading Almost