The Power of Your Person

There is a person out there for you,A person that was hand crafted just for you,A person to fit you perfectly like two puzzle pieces,A person that touches your soul with their mere presence,The person that you are most honest with, That holds your heart in their hands just to keep it safe,A person that … Continue reading The Power of Your Person


I’m Not Breakable

I’m not breakable, I may seem like I can’t handle things, I may seem like I crack under pressure, I may seem like I’m losing grip of reality, But this is not so. I am stronger than I seem, I have been given a strength, A strength that can only be given to me by … Continue reading I’m Not Breakable

Forever Changing: You No Longer Hold The Power

Power,Power over my life,Power over my decisions,I have always left that in your hands,But no more,I have taken my power back,I have taken it back from you,And it feels so good,To feel free,To be alone,Alone is not a bad thing,And I won’t be alone forever, because I have love to give,Love that I will give … Continue reading Forever Changing: You No Longer Hold The Power