Just a thought

I have begun
The analysis of my experiences,
The good and the bad,
The lessons I’ve learned.

I have discovered different dimensions
To the intricate design
Of the person I am,
Yes, not all of who I am can be seen in a positive light but I embrace it.

I think about my life,
Where I wanted to be,
Where I am now
Two paths that look completely different.

Disappointment is never easy to accept.
When your hopes come tumbling down
As the realization of an undesirable outcome
Finally dawns on your conciseness,

But to bathe in the misery
Of shattered dreams
Spending my time trying to understand
What went wrong and why I didn’t get what I planned,

Will take me no where,
It is a waste of my energy,
Energy that can be used to fix my reality and move forward.

The time for procrastination,
Is over,
The time for focusing on the past,
Is over.

I cannot change anything that has already happened,
So I will keep what I’ve learned,
Discard the rest,
Because holding on will not serve me,

I will look forward,
I will focus on how I am going to achieve my goals,
I will allow myself to give praise for the smaller victories along the way
To give myself the strength I need to continue.

I promise that I will not forsake who I am,
Who I have been working on,
Just to please others,
This is me and I will either be accepted or not,

But I will not change
To simply fit in,
Or to be loved,
So if this is not conducive to anyone who I come across

My apologies,
I do invite you to walk right by,
Because nothing positive can come
From our interaction.

The dreams I have held on to so desperately
Is the reason I have not achieved,
So I will let them go
To make space for the path I was meant to be on.


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