Today is a sad day

Today is a sad day,

Filled with emotion,

Breathing gets difficult,

Concentration becomes a myth.


Overpowered by the light,

The darkness lay buried in a corner,

Seemingly weak but cunningly planning,

It grew stronger while the light flourished,


Now ready to make its move,

It took me by surprise,

It expanded,

Covering a large apart of me,


How did it get so strong?

Strong enough to dominate the light?


Underhanded tactics,

Keeping its momentum flowing,

Causing negativity to spread,

Feelings of doubt,

Sadness and worry taking over,

Hopelessness begins to poison my veins


Today is a sad day,

Darkness has taken control,

The light has been forced to retreat,

The battle has been won but the war is far from over.


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