What kind of fool am I?

Like a mass of thickening thunder clouds approaching the city skyline threatening to engulf it,

Your love is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Flecks of the setting sun shining from above softens you,

Making you appear more whimsical,


Even so,

Just like that cloud you are unreliable,

not meant to last forever.

You bring sorrow and despair,

Because your essence lacks the substance of a sustainable future.


You take me to heights,

I can’t bear to let go off,

You show me the stars across the vast night sky while you hide it from onlookers,

You bring me to the sun,

but protect me from its burn,


Why do you tempt me with all these wonders?

Why do you show me what true happiness could be and then evaporate into nothing?


Even though you have caused me deep hurt,

I still long for the pleasures,

Which I have not experienced again since you graced me with them,


What kind of fool am I then?


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