​Reminiscence of a young couple

Can I be honest?

Will you indulge me for a minute 

As I attempt to explain the feeling

Of a situation I once felt?
I found myself 

Looking back 

At the photographic blueprint 

Of a life lived
I came across an image

Of one that I loved.

My first love

As I recall.
I gazed 

With intense interest 

And the more I did

The more my reminiscence came alive, 
The day this moment 

Was captured 

Was the day you became mine 

And I became yours.
Late afternoon 

The sun was low

Casting deep colours of orange and red

Across the sky.
We sat on a bench 

At the edge of a park

Surrounded by friends 

Engaged in the regular mingling,
In an attempt 

To capture a magical moment 

A photograph was taken by another

Simply of the two of us.
With the angle,

The colour

And the position 

Our feelings were captured in a magnificent way.
Soon after

We began to stroll along the road

Back home.

As we walked the day turned to night
Butterflies fluttering

In the pit of my stomach, 

The palm of the hand you held

Began to sweat.
What was happening to me?

Nervousness came from nowhere 

And then we entered my house,

You behind me,
Put your hands on my waste

Sending a river of fiery lava

Through my entire body

Causing a question to arise,
Are we ready? 

I turned and pulled you closer,

Hard and passionate

Then kissing you, tasting all of you
When I looked into your eyes

I could see you knew it too

We are ready to take this step

And to my bed we went….


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