​Art is power

We tend to forget 

The magic 

That art brings 

To our lives, 
We tend to forget 

That art is an expression, 

An extension 

And a realisation of life itself. 
We tend to forget 

That without it

We would be nothing 

But sterile white and grey, 
Straight lines

Living life from 

One day to the next

Waiting for the end.
Do we not experience 

The ins and outs 

Of a world that is 

In a constant state of change?
Do we not experience 

Life in balls of emotions?

Whether good or bad

It won’t simply go away
It has to be dealt with, 

It has to be felt, 

You have to learn from it 

So you can grow from its lessons.
Why then 

Do we forget 

The power that comes 

From art?

Do we forget 

The work of artists 

Who feel to create?

Should not 

Be overlooked 

Like some second hand coat.

Should be 


And embraced.

Should be 

Seen as just as important 

As forensics accounting

It may not be logical to you 

But it is an intricate web 

You can’t possibly understand

We will show you 

As we transform your world 



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