​The strongest 

The strongest relationships, 

The truest friendships, 

The purest connections

Are not the ones that need to be proven.
If both sides 

Are in it for the right reasons 

With sincere intentions 

Hurt cannot come from it.
The kind of hurt 

That is irreparable, 

Because of over analysis 

To situations of miscommunication.
If that pain

From hurt is left to dry 

It was meant for you let go

And keep that hand full of souls
That are not only worthy

But know that you are just as worthy.

Yes, work is needed 

To build anything in life

Once it is strong 

It should be as natural 

As the thoughts in your own head.
I am lucky enough 

To have found 

Those kinds of connections 

That are so apart of my being 
It’s like 

Writing in the pages 

Of my diary…

Easy and comfortable…


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