​Living my life for me…

Tell me 

How does it feel 

To walk in 

And see a smile on my face?
A smile that has nothing to do with you 

A smile that has nothing to do with another, 

No, this smile 

That shines so brightly, 
Comes from deep within 

My soul.

A place you have never 

And will never reach.
Does it pain your ego

To know that I am still standing 

After you walked away?

That’s right, I said your ego, 
Pick your lip up off the floor

You have no right to look so hurt 

Because your heart had nothing 

To do with us.
That beating vessel remains encased 

Belonging  to another 

When your ego chose me

As the distraction.
I let you in

Which was my first mistake 

But I won’t bury myself for love anymore, 

No, I’m going to put my heart first.
I’m going to jump into the world

I’m going to live for myself 

I’ve given too much for someone else’s happiness 

But this is my time to be free.
One day love will come for me

That love will find someone without regret, 

Someone who lived a full life 

And someone who is ready to share the rest of it…


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