​Remove your eyes from my life

Why do you 
Stand on the side lines 

Of a life that is not yours

Peering in with the world’s interest?
When did my life

Become a reality show 

Where you feel free 

To analyse and form judgment?
Is it an entertaining 

Soap opera that you

Must catch on the daily

To see the suffering 
Of someone that is not yours?

When I am deprived of sleep

Throughout the night time hours

With nothing but the screaming thoughts
And when the dawn finally comes 

Still with no rest 

But I do not have the energy to lift my head, 

Will you be there to tell me I am weak?
Do you know how that feels?

Let me try and explain 

In terms you may understand.

It’s like being dragged by your feet
To the bottom of the lake.

No matter how hard you try 

You cannot break free.

Your chest becomes so tight you struggle to breathe.
You are trapped 

Completely in your own body and mind.

Is that descriptive enough for you?

Do you feel better to know my sufferings more?
Unless you wish to see

All of my sufferings 

And hold them tight to your chest

The way I do 

Step back, 

Look away 

Because I have nothing to show you.
I don’t want your sympathy, 

I don’t want your ear, 

I don’t want your understanding 

I simply want you to take your eyes off my life, 
I want you to keep your judgement 

Your analysis

To yourself 

I have no time or space for it…


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