​Seasonal souls with lifetime lessons

What happened?

When did things change?

How did something so beautiful, 

Turn in to something so ugly
So quickly?

When did a journey of friendship 

Become a matter of disrespect

Mistrust and anger?
Why did this 

Come to a place 

That is unhealthy for all involved?

Because more than one 
Relationship will be 

Affected by a misunderstanding, 

That no one seems interested in fixing.

I sit here 
Feeling like I have lost something

And I have 

But I have no ideas

On how 
To begin 

With the repair

Of this situation, 

These friendships, 
These relationships 

Because words and thoughts

Got us into this mess

And if we let it, it will keep us here.
If I could show you

The reflection of my heart 

You will see I hold no ill will to you

Only love.
However if you cannot see that, 

I cannot force you 

And my heart must be protected 

At all costs
So I must remind myself 

Not everyone who comes into your life 

Is forever, sometimes it’s only seasonal

But the lesson is for a lifetime.


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