​My love

Is not the word 

That can be used to 

Describe the depths of me.
To understand me 

You must realize that 

The lair of my being 

Is an intricate maize 
That is rarely explored

By those who merely pass through.

They loose hope 

They give up 
Because along the way 

They experience overwhelming 

Sensations that they deem 

Unworthy of the effort.
The labyrinth 

That must be faced 

Contain many challenges.

In some you will find pain experienced 
Others hold the joy 

And the happiness of the past, 

The morals and ethics 

Embedded in the base.
Yes I feel an intensity 

That scare many of, 

My emotions make up the sleeves

That cover my arms
And sometimes it spills 

Onto others it comes in contact with, 

But I tell you this 

Not because I want to scare you 
Or justify why you should continue 

But I want you to know 

That though it won’t be easy 

At the end you will find 
A love, 

A friendship, 

A support

And a companion 
That is true, 


And fierce 

That will be yours…


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