​I’m doing me

I’m doing me, 

Yes the me that has always been

At the core of who I am

From the day I was born.
That true 

Version of me 

That has been hidden 

By the masks I wore, 
Buried by 

The rubble of pain

And confined by

The walls I built-up.
I choose to remove 

All that hides me

As I bare my soul, 

And I wear my emotions on my sleeve
Look at the me

That is perfection in my eyes, 

Behold the me that needs no approval

Not even my own.
This being that stands here bold

And confidentially beautiful 

Doesn’t need the love of another.

I only needed to love myself, 
To see that I am remarkable, 

To see that I am a prize 

And I am the one who decides 

Who is worthy of my love
But until that day

I am ok 

By myself 

Because I am enjoying 
Getting to know 

The person I am

In all my entirety

My story will continue….


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