​I won’t beg for your love

I ask you

To love me

And you never answered 

It hurt yet I didn’t give up.
I kept asking 

And still I received 


At all.
Why do you

Put me through 

This torture?

Will you ever look 
Into my eyes

With love in your heart 

For me 

And only me?
If you won’t 

Will you have the mercy

To tell me 

And let me go?
Because you hold me


In the clutches 

Of your lust.
I think that 

You enjoy holding on to me

Because it is convenient for you 

So let me make this easier, 
No more 

Will I ask you to love me, 

No more 

Will I beg.
If you love me

I want to feel it 

When you say my name, 

When you touch me, 
When you look into my eyes

And if you can’t 

Walk away, 

Because my love is too precious 
To give to you 

Who don’t deserve it

I am worth more 

And I am finally owning it.


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