​Who wrote the “How to” guide on love?

I have a question, 
I’m sure I am not the first 

To ask this 

But who wrote the “How to” guide on love?
This game we are supposed to play, 

Who came up with the rules?

This is a serious question

That I need the answer to.
The way we play it 

Leaves all parties involved 


Wondering if the things they say, 
The things they do 

Are right.

Is it just me 

Or does it simply seem
That we are scratching 

Around in the dark 

Hoping to find the cookie

We really want?
We say we just want honesty,

But not too much 

No, no honesty in small doses, 

That doesn’t work for me.
I have lost 

The potential of something great

More than once in my life 

Because I listened to these “rules” 
Given by the world 

But it isn’t the world that is alone

It’s me

Just me trying to find love.
I wear my heart on my sleeve

And it is a great thing, 

I believe it is my greatest strength 

Because it allows me to create beauty 
Through poetry, 

But when I meet someone 

I must be weary of this strength 

And why?
Because it may come off as 



Well I am done hiding 

Who I am 

Because I don’t have the time 

For games anymore.
I have lost too much for that, 

If I see you in the street 

Our eyes meet 

And it is love at first sight 
I will tell you 

Regardless if I look like a crazy man.

I will not wait for the perfect time 

To say I love you
If I feel it after our first date I will tell you

Because the truth is 

I may be sensitive, 

I may be honest 
But you will never have to guess 

How I feel about you 

Because I will be your man 

I will tell you and show you as much as I can…


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