​When I tell you I miss you

Do you know what it means
When I tell you I miss you?

Do you know the thoughts

Running through my mind?
When I say 

I miss you, 

I mean I miss the smell of your hair, 

The way it feels when I run my fingers through it.
I miss the smile you have on your face

When I gently trace on your arm, 

I miss the giggle you let out

When I kiss you.
I miss the way your body

Tenses up 

When I hold you 

And things start to heat up.
When I say I miss you 

I mean the small things

That no one thinks of, 

That no one notices.
I hope that 

You don’t see this as 


Or you don’t think
I am moving far too fast, 

I can’t explain the way I feel

But I can tell you that 

I simply want to be your man.
The man you feel safe with, 

The man you feel vulnerable with, 

The man that is your friend, 

Your lover and the one you miss too…


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