​Can I spend the night?

I get a giggling 
Sensation in the pit of my stomach 

When I think about 

The possibility 
Of what waits.

What waits for me 

In the morning 

If I stay the night, 
It consumes me, 

It excites me, 

It enthralls me

But it also
Terrifies me, 

Gives me nervous shivers 

Because I wonder 

If you want me to.
I can’t feel 

What runs through your mind.

Your needs and wants 

Remain a mystery to me, 
Perhaps that’s the way

You intend it to be, 

Maybe it is apart of a wall

You built for the protection 
Of your heart

Your soul 

Your being, 

So I will just have to ask as plainly as I can, 
Do you want me to spend the night?

Hold you while you sleep?

Smile at your snore?

Will you smile while I snore?
Do you want to know

If I will judge the way you sleep? 

Because you are as wild as a wildebeest, 

My answer is no.
I want you to know, 

I am comfortable in this moment 

With you 

I hope your peaceful breathing 
Against my chest, 

As you lay in my arms 

Signifies you are comfortable 

With me.

How about it? 

Shall we take this, 

To the next level?


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