​When is it time to let go?

What happened?
How did we end up here?

In this situation 

Of separation 
And silence?

You hurt me, 

You know you did

And how did I respond?
I hurt you back.

This never ending spiral

Is unhealthy 

But still I can’t let you go.
I have shed tears 

By myself,

You have shed tears

By yourself,
And we have shed tears


We shed these tears 

Because of the love we share, 
The love we yearn,

That we built 

And the love 

That seems to always bring us together.
You know that it hasn’t been 

All bad, 

Because our love grew 

In a such a way 
It became apart of the comfort.

There was romance 

In its simplicity.

It isn’t about the how 
Or the what 

But just being 


In a raw state.
A decisive step forward 

Is what is needed 

To stop the hurt our love brings

And have some happiness without pain…


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