​Simply and unequivocally…Yes…

Can you be my sweet kiss 

By the Thames River

Or are you the one 

I push up against the wall
Letting passion take over?

Let me explain my thought process, 

Starting with the part

That will make you blush.
Picture this, 

My hand on your thigh

My grasp firm and strong 

Pulling your leg up 
Against my body.

There is no gentle kiss here 

There is only you 

Only me, 
With each thrust of 

My excited pelvis 

Your responsive fingers 

Digging into my back from the passion.
Clothes disappear 

As though they never existed, 

Because our bodies never stopped touching, 

My tongue never left your mouth
And you never stopped 

With the moans that bellowed 

From deep 

Down within.
Does that sound like you?

Or does this?

We stand by the Thames River

You in my arms, 
We take in the view 

While I plant soft kisses on your neck, 

You turn and put

Your arms around my neck.
My arms around your waist 

And without waiting for the perfect moment 

We exchange the most 

Beautiful, sensual kiss of life.
In that moment 

Nothing and no one matters

Only the sweet 

Angelic kiss in a situation that matters.
I don’t think many find both types in one 

And that is sad for them

But do I think I have?

Simply and unequivocally…Yes…


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