Sometimes you have a sad day


Today is a sad day,

A red day,

A dark day

As my thoughts run rampant


Causing chaos

On its rampage


Unchecked without remorse.


Thoughts of connections

You believed to be true,

With a lifetime guarantee

Now see as artificial as a clay rose.


That rose

Painted in vibrant red

Is an illusion,



Meant to deceive any onlookers,

But when you realize

That you have been taken

For a fool in broad daylight.


A bitter taste is left in your mouth,

A taste that won’t go away

An is as unpleasant

As expired milk.


Given enough freedom

Between you mind

And your heart

You can be left unhinged.


What an easy place to get to

And such a monstrous place to escape.

All you can do now is attempt to

Cage the beasts that threaten you


And collect every facet

Of whom you are

To save the you

You have worked so hard to build.




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