​Opinions of a fool


Of the life I’m living,

Along with opinions of a fool 

Is a currency not excepted here.
A third party view

Of a mind 

Too boxed in 

To fully grasp what it is looking at, 
Because to them 

It is merely entertainment 

And they expect 

A downfall.
Tell me why, 

Why is it you look at my life, 



For the day 

I miss step 

And tumble 
From the heights

Of my own success?

Heights set by my own 

Immeasurable to those set by the world
I am an intricate 


Wonderfully made

Unique in design, 
In thinking

And in purpose.

Who I am,

Where I come from 
Where I go to 

Has nothing to do

With you

But me alone.
Let me climb my mountain 

In peace 

Free from your gaze 

Because when I reach my top
You will not share 

In my success  

This breeze is mine alone 

To enjoy.


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