​You have come too far to turn back now

When you arrive 

At a point in your life

When things are not going 

The way you thought.
You find yourself 

Looking around 

Wondering how it is

You fell in the midst of darkness, 
That’s when you can be taken 

By an overwhelming feeling 

Of loneliness

That allows a breach of powerful emotions, 
Before you know it

Anger has crept in

Followed by anxiety 

And that allows your thoughts to run rampant.
Those thoughts 

Turn to yelling voices

And just like that you have 

Been brought to your knees.
This is where your enemy 

Wants you, 

Because when you feel alone, 

Filled to the brim 

With dangerous emotions

You are not as much of a threat

And your destruction is much easier.
Get up!

You have the strength 

To pick yourself up, 

Shake off the dust


Because you have come too far

To turn back now

And you have climbed out

From ravines of darkness before.
Yes, it wont be easy

But who told you it would be?

This pain and blinding darkness 

Is but carnal 
If you have faith 

You will see that it is also temporal, 

Once you look upon the glory of light

You will find yourself to be



And better.
So open your eyes 

See that you are not alone 

And begin your climb

To a transformed you…


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