​You are the pivot of my pendulum

I feel 

The warmth of your breath 

On my arm 

Wrapped around you while you slept, 
I feel 

Your skin 

React to the 

Warmth of mine, 
I feel 

The rhythm of your beating heart

In sync with the rhythm of mine

Or rather the other way around
You are 

The anchor, 

The pivot 

Holding my pendulum 
Within this reality, 

This reality where 

A simple boy is granted 

The honour allowing you to feel protected.
As the moon 

And the stars above 

Shine down on us 

I make you this promise, 
For as long as 

You will it

I will be there to 

Protect you, 
To support you, 

To remind you of how special you are, 

To walk this life with you

And to love you, 
I do this because 

You are that for me

And so much more

Without me ever asking you to be, 
And in this moment 

Without you saying a word 

I know with all certainty 

That you love me
Because I feel it 

Flowing from your bones into mine, 

Like the emergence 

Of a great hot spring
Giving life

To my world 

Every day 

And every night….


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