​I wish

I look up 

To see the red sky 

Just as the day transitions 

From dusk to night.
The first of the evening stars

Begin to appear

And I use this as my opportunity 

To cast my wish out into the cosmos.
I wish 

Our paths had never crossed, 

For that short time 

I wish you had never seen my face 
And I had never seen yours.

I wish that I had never felt the 

Poison of your lips, 

The lava of your flesh, 
The acid of your words.

You cast a spell 

Cloaking my eyes

Dulling my senses 
Making me crave more

But I don’t want anymore.

I fell in love with you, 

I wish I never had.
Because if that had never happened 

I wouldn’t have shown you 

My heart at its most delicate

Only to realize you never wanted it.
I wish these things

Because I never wanted to let go,

But you hurt me 

And now here I stand singing I wish…


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