Must be one of the saddest 

Words known to any soul, 

Because it is signifies something lost, 
Something tasted 

But never fully

Given the opportunity to be

It is the hard work


The pleasure 

Of reward.
If ‘almost’

Has left your lips 

It is usually coupled 

With regret or disappointment. 
To say, 

‘I almost made you love me’

‘I almost touched my star’

‘I almost faced my fear’
It hurts 

To realise, 

To accept, 

To move past 
That almost

Because it was something

Your heart desired, 

It is what your soul yearned for
But before you could 

Grab hold of it

Keep it close 

You lost it, 
It moved beyond your reach

Floating into 

The grasp of another 

While you are left with almost.
So you see 

This is why, to me, 


Is one of the saddest words…


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