Let me enter the gates of your heaven 

Let me take your waist

With both hands 

Pulling you close 

Pressing up against you, 
Do you feel 

The excitement

Of my manhood 

Needing to enter the gates of your heaven
I thrust 

Back and forth, 

Up and down, 

This situation will 
Only create 

Moist lust between us

The way it was designed too.

Naturally lubricated 
To enhance 


Feel the heat 

Between us.
I taste the saltiness 

Of your sweaty skin

As I kiss your neck, 

Making me thirst for more.
I feel the texture 

Of your nipple

Beneath my tongue 

And your body tenses with pleasure.
How do you feel

About the words 

Leaving my lips  

Does it make you blush?
Is there a rushing heat

Intensifying between your legs?

Do you like it?

Than answer me this
Why do we shy away 

From discussion of an act

As natural as breathing?

Do you know?
Do you believe 

That this pleasure 

Is dirty and should be 

Kept in darkness?
I think it is 

A gift to feel 

This way

And I am not ashamed.
So I will let myself enjoy 

Intimate experiences between lovers, 

And if you don’t agree 

Well we all have our preferences


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