In a simple moment

The touch of your skin 

Pops under the palm of my hand, 

Like the sweet from my childhood 

Covered in sherbet popping in my mouth.



That’s what I feel right now.

Your head 

Nestling closer to my chest

Just because you feel safe there, 
I wonder 

What thoughts are running through 

Your mind while you lay

Your eyes closed and your body at rest.
I wonder if those thoughts 

Are about me, 

Then a sweet content smile 

Lightens your face 
While the tips of my fingers 

Run affectionately through your hair filling me with warm fluttering feelings

Sound asleep 
I think about the walls I put up

And how I allow myself to be 

Completely vulnerable 

You ease my overactive 


That sometimes takes me to 

A place of worry.
That smile 

In that moment answers 

Questions I often think of

Putting my mind to rest, 
Because I realise that

Even though I have 

Insecurities that pop up

I must remember, 
I am simply a man 

Embracing an adventure 

I am excited to see 

Where it takes us…


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