​Injustice for the just 

I’m tired.

I’m tired of waking 

In the morning to the beauty 

Of a sunlit day of new hope
But that day is filled with wickedness 

Wrapped in pain and despair 

And disguised as good in an attempt to hide

That evil never sleeps.
Instead it walks

Through the rays of light, 

Angelic and hopeful but

Prepared to attack from all directions. 
I’m tired.

I’m tired of injustice for the  just 

And happiness 

By the unjust.

That happiness is a reward 

For those who 

At their core have a goodness
That may not be perfect 

But ill will 

Is not now

Nor will it ever be the intention, 

The happiness they work hard for

Yearn for

Is darkened
By the thick

Rain clouds 

Looming just beyond

The boarder to their domain
Blocking out the sun

From a distance 

Before it begins to 

Stretch forward.
This exchange 

Has become tiresome, 

I am exasperated 

By it all

But it is enough 

No longer 

Life is hard yes 

Even so
It makes no difference 

Because I will make it 

This is merely a cross 

I must bare without failure…


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