​A simple dance of two

Getting to know another 
Intricate soul 

Can be a daunting task, 

Weaving in and out 
Of who you think they are, 

Who they want you to see

And who they truly are

All the while attempting 
To determine 


As you dance your way 

Across the merging dance floors
Of your once separate lives

Trying to find out 

If two may match.

There will be times 
You will slip 

And fall, 

Bruising your ego 

Breaking your insecurities 
All is a test, 

To see if the one you wish to dance with

Is by your side to pick you up, 

And will you be by that one’s side to pick them up.
Don’t be discouraged 

When you get infuriated 

At a situation you can not fix, 

Because that will lead to irrational actions.
Don’t fall too quickly

Because you may hit the ground 

Before you can be caught, 

And be honest

Will help you learn, 

Allow you to grow and remember, 

This is a fun period where you choose the dance, 
Leave the seriousness for later

When the bond is stronger

To weather the storm you will cause

There will be plenty of time for that.


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