​The melody of a heart that is ready


Here I am 

A bounce in my step 

Going about my day

Humming as I do
Mmm Mmmm Mmmmm 

No rhythm, 

Off tune 

But to my ears
My hum 

Comes from the soul 

Of RnB itself, 

Smooth melody 
Speaking to the heart, 

The soul, 

The body

Deep within.
In between 

A smile appears 

For no reason 

And my hum is interrupted for a moment, 
Everyone around me 

Going about their business 

Is distracted by piano playing 

Around me as my hum forms a melody with substance. 
You do this to me

You bring me to a place of beauty, 

A place of love in music

Like the greats of old blues. 
The love they spoke about, 

The love they sang about, 

The love they felt 

With every fiber of their being.
You make me feel 

That real love, 

That fantasy love

And now I tell you 
That my heart is ready

To walk into the unknown 

With you holding my hand, 

I choose you to be the one 
That brings me my forever 

And if I die today 

There will be no regrets 

Because I have had you and that is enough for me…


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