Never ending 100m sprint 

I feel everything 
Yet at the same time 

I feel nothing 

All of this at once.
My heart 



Fast hard thumps, 

Like a galloping horse 

In the wild for the first time 

Unsure of what lays out here.
This sensation overcomes my spirit 

Not during the busy of day 

But while I lay alone

In dead of night.
Constantly hounding 

My peaceful time

How do I rest

From the pressures of this life
When I cannot 

Find a peaceful place 

To lay my head 

And calmly work through the busyness of my thoughts?
A part of me 

Waits for the day 

My heart gives way

And explodes from the constant 
Pressure of 

My hurried state.

All I yearn

Is a tranquil dream world
Where I can find rest

From this world

And all these thoughts running 

Through my mind 
Like a never ending 

100m sprint 

Because I grow

Weary of this race I can’t seem to win.

Will I find it?

Or will it find me?

Either way I need it…


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