Releasing my sanity

I feel it,

Irrational thoughts 

That lead to irrational actions

Taking me to self doubt.
This spiral

Comes quickly, 

It is repetitive

And the more it repeats itself 
The more it becomes 

Apart of the person I am.

I begin to see the world 

And everything in it 
With cynical eyes.

Distrust is heavily coated

Around all who crossed my path

Making intimacy a fantasy once heard of.

Becomes the garment 

That covers my body, 

Covers my heart and my mind.
Why have I allowed this 

To overwhelm me 

In this way?

To take hold of my spirit, 
Bind my arms with a stray jacket 

Leaving me feeling helpless, 


And wpeak.
I’m tired

This world isn’t an easy adventure, 

Just to stay alive

Is a daily fight.
This added 


Is an unnecessary 

When all I want is 

Simply to be happy

And the only one standing in my way

Is myself.
I start 

To feel the blood 

Beneath my flesh

Crawl with restlessness 
It means the time has come 

To peel off the garments

Of insecurity 

And pain
To allow myself 

The freedom of strutting 

My unique attractive qualities 

Nude, open and proud.


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