Soft serve ice cream 

Like a soft serve ice cream
Dipped in caramel

In a sugar cone 

On a hot summers day
You have become my adventure. 

There will be no biting 

Of the hard caramel exterior 

To get to the soft, moist center, 

I will take my time 

And wear you down

Savoring every lick of your rich delight.
 As your hard layer 

Gets thinner 

With every deep brush of my tongue 

I feel your pulsating center 

To breach the walls 

The way lava explodes

From a volcano, 
The satisfaction 

Of breaking free 

From the walls that bound 

Your creamy goodness 
Allows for an exhale

And you drip,


Flowing over the side 
But I will not

Let you go to waste,

Instead I make it my mission to get every drop

And I am still not done. 
Once I finish 

Slurping up 

I concentrate on the cone

Making sure that every bite 

Is felt 

By every sense 

I possess  

Until finally 
That last bite

Of the tip

I want more 

But I at least I can leave satisfied…


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