​This is my public declaration 

My heart has known 
The pain 

Of being broken 

While in the hands 
Of one 

Who held it.

I was under the assumption 

That safe is where it would be
But silly me 

For making this presumption.

How could I be so wrong

And allow this anger 
Created by unworthy hands

To fill me like a glass, 

Full of acid

Ready to burn anyone 
Who would dare 

Come near me again

Regardless if the intention 

Is pure or not.
While I become 


In a darkness I have created

I forgot, 
I forgot 

That I have been 

On the opposite side

Of this deadly dual and I was no better.
These soft hands 

Have deceived pure hearts

Many times before 

And I walked away without saying
‘I’m sorry’

So how can I cast this blanket of dark

Over my pain

When I have caused others the same?
I can not change the wrongs I’ve done,

Change the pain I have caused 

And repair the hearts I’ve broken

I can only offer my deepest apology.
This is my public declaration 

From a pure place 

For the wrong I have done, 

I am sorry
I choose to accept 

Responsibility for the past 

And I wish us both happiness

With those who are worthy.



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